design I build I operate I improve 

We can help you improve every aspect of your digital supply chain and cloud infrastructure at every stage of its lifecycle

Our services include:

  • Investment planning, design, construction and operation of data centres across Europe and Eurasia
  • Customer Service improvement  -  increasing “ease of doing business” and enabling customer self-service
  • Technology assessment and selection
  • Procurement and supplier management
  • Technology design, equipment selection, supply chain development and equipment financing
  • Technical and operational strategy, architecture and  roadmap  development
  • Capital and operational expense reduction
  • Mergers and acquisitions - due diligence and the development and implementation of integration plans
  • Security & Energy Efficiency Audits

Our customers  have benefited from our expertise and efforts in many ways:
  • Improved network and data centre availability to 99.999% through systematic analysis and careful investment
  • Improved margins by >5%
  • Increased cash generation from investments by 8% through supply chains reengineering
  • Delivered annual cost savings of more than 15% per year whilst work volume grew by 20%
  • Improved ease of doing business for customers by reducing their transaction times by 1000%
  • Created customer focused data centre designs that are 30% cheaper and 25% more efficient than competitors
  • Transforming network performance from the worst in a country to the best