fragility assessment

Skonzo can audit and assess the fragility of you cloud infrastructure from top to bottom and end to end.
Our focus is on the interface between supply and demand where value is create and your cloud infrastructure and digital supply chain impact on the end user experience.
Data Centre Management Assessment  – Who is in control of your data centre, you or the machines?
The data centre is a very fluid environment, where the only constant is change.
Customers, parent corporations, regulators and governments all demand that you have control of your data centre and that you can prove it.
Data centre management tends to focus on managing Static Quality, the quality designed into the technical infrastructure, and neglects to manage the Dynamic Quality, which is the result of the combination of technology, people and processes, over the lifecycle of the data centre.  
It is the lack of Dynamic Quality that results in the biggest cause of data centre outages – “human failure”.
Our data centre Management Assessment will tell you where you have management control and where you lack it.
It will also assess how dynamic your management is and if you have control of not only the data centre “machine” but more importantly the flows through it.
The result of the assessment goes beyond just an improvement plan, it is the start of an ongoing process of improvement.

Network Health Check with our partner Predictable Network Solutions
 The health check is a thorough analysis of the  Quality of Experience your network provides.
It will provide you with a  strategic plan to both improve service and reduce cost.
Our unique network measurement can be left in place to continually delivers more value to you and your customers.