internet 1.0

The  Internet is just a prototype, it has some fundamental flaws…….

Scalability is limited by a single address space….. even when IPV6 is fully deployed.

Security is non-existent …….think about it, when you add a device to an IP based network you, by default connect it to everything else on the network and then you have to start to secure and protect it.

Performance is “best efforts” … what other industry is this still acceptable? Can you imaging if we still built aeroplanes or cars like this?

Skonzo works with pioneers to build the internet 1.0, a true internetwork that is secure, scalable and has quantifiable performance levels.

We are building a new types of networking that has built in security and performance characteristics, where network flows can be isolated and traffic scheduled at multiplexing points.

Our new services are being built on two platform for thought - Network Performance Science and a Recursive Internet Network Architecture.

Our first services will be launched in mid 2016 and provide better quality networking at lower cost for SMEs.